Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Proud of my alcoholic

I'd like to point out that in my last post I mentioned by best friend is an addict and alcoholic.

As of 10:00pm tonight she was simply an addict, and didn't understand why she couldn't ever drink again. Her problem was pills, not drinking.

I've tried to tell her 100 times already, alcohol is the gateway that got you to drugs. Naturally, just as her best friend had also done, she refused to listen to me. Big surprise right?

I'm extremely proud to say that as of around 11:30pm or so tonight I am now the best friend of an addict AND alcoholic.

OK... so if you don't understand the program, or what I'm talking about that sounds extremely fucked up.

The reality of it is that had she not come to this conclusion, she would have gone through recovery only to pick up a drink a few months later and begin the cycle all over again. Liquor is just a different kind of drug.

I was told but four days ago "It feels weird but good to say doesn't it?"

To say I'm Extremely proud of her would be an understatement !!

One day, one minute at a time and IT WILL WORK!

I'm an alcoholic...

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