Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Higher Power In Action...

Not sure who my higher is yet, but whomever he/she is they've been busy workin the last few days.

Higher Power In Action? - 1
Friday after flipping a shit on my best friend I got a phone call. It was from a good friend who had seen a new quote I put on Facebook (One day at a time... easy does it), noticed I had a random number in my status daily that was counting up (apparently other people do a countdown? ha-ha), and decided to ask me if I was 'a friend of Bill.' He then told me he's in AA and had been sober for almost 8 months now. So random!!  He was always one of those 2 drinks then home kinda people, but apparently unlike me he would go home to drink, and drank until he passed out. I hadn't heard from him in about 8 months, he kinda dropped off the face of the Earth and now I know why.  It was GREAT to hear from him!

Higher Power In Action? - 2
A day later I got a phone call from a friend who I had informed just days earlier that I had started going to AA.

She called me to tell me that she had a problem with pills, and wanted to get help. Watching what my best friend and I had been through, and knowing we both had the courage to get help, had given her the strength to admit she had a problem and get help. It was a very powerful feeling!!

Higher Power In Action? - 3
The other night before a meeting I was sitting outside having a smoke, just making conversation and bullshitting as usual. I was talking to some people about what they do to keep their minds occupied during the times when they'd been at a bar 'in a previous life.'

One gentlemen said he blogs, and ask me if I had ever done any blogging. I told him I had actually started an anonymous blog on day 2 of recovery. I then mentioned that the first comment on my blog had come from someone I had never met, whom I had started following the day before. It was strange because she was the person who had inspired me to begin a blog - I had stumbled upon her blog during a google search and decided I should start my own. From what I could tell she had quite a popular recovery blog and I was amazed that she had even read mine, let alone commented.

He asked me if the blog was titled "Being Sober" and if her name was Mary Christine by any chance. It turns out he had a blog I had run across on here as well "Steveroni's Blog", and knew her as well.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS of running into someone at a meeting, mentioning blogging, and discovering we had 'friends' in common?!?

(Side-note: Mary Christine - I was absolutely amazed when you commented on my blog. It gave me an overwhelming sense of hope to know that the unity and fellowship I had seen at AA meetings extended to the web as well. Thank you for that!)

I'm starting to like this higher power person.

I'm an alcoholic...


  1. YAY GOD!

    That is totally the way the higher power that I know and love works!

    Such an unbelievable coincidence cannot be a coincidence, at least that's the theory I'm testing and testing it through the steps in the Big Book has NEVER proven wrong :)

    YAY STEVERONI!!! It's an awesome moment for you and our new blogger here! So, what should we call ya?

  2. I've been sober since June 10, 1978.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  3. I have known Mary Christine for 4 years now. She's been to Houston twice and stayed at my house and I went to Denver and stayed at her home. We've attended several meetings together.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Steveroni in San Antonio in July at the AA International Convention.
    It is a small world.

  4. I read them both for hope and encouragement with my wild-child son. MC has inspired me to keep up with my walking (I hate exercise) and Steve reminds me how important music has been to me. I have now added you to the list of bloggers who share, care and keep me grounded.


  5. No Bruce, Truly, Thank YOU! It has been so good to read about your journey. I am so glad that reading my mostly silly blog inspired you to start your own.

    You just made my day, and it was already pretty darn good!

  6. Awesome, Welcome Bruce! Glad you're joining the ranks.

    The best help you can be to your friend is the practical life demonstration through your dedication to the program!

    We cannot convince someone without an experience that will convince them more than words right?

  7. I've heard that coincidence is God being anonymous. Bruce, that is too cool to have been inspired by MC and then to meet Steve. Good for you.


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