Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Power of a Good Meeting

In my few short days of sobriety I've quickly learned one VERY IMPORTANT thing... the power of a good meeting is like nothing I've ever experienced!!

Today started off great and quickly became a horrible, stressful, crap shoot!

I didn't want to deal with anyone or anything, just wanted to turn on my TV and get some sleep.

Went to have a quick smoke before sinking into a TV coma, and CRAP I was out of cigarettes!
Soooo...I got in the car and went to the corner store. On the way back I found myself sitting at a traffic light and out of nowhere I just started crying (for the record I'm not yet a big fan of the plethora of emotions that come with sobriety).

The light turned green, and next thing I knew my car had steered its way on over to a meeting. Now I thought the meeting had started at 8:00, I would have been late so decided not to go earlier. Turns out when I pulled in at 8:29 and looked at a schedule it started at 8:30.

DAMN YOU HIGHER POWER and your sneakiness! ha-ha

It was a GREAT meeting... one that I was clearly put at for a reason. The meeting ended at 9:30, and just got home now at 11:45. I sat outside and talked to people for 2 hours after the meeting!!

Crazy part is I feel like a new person. It boggles my mind!

Not sure how, or why it works... but I keep coming back. Apparently it works if you work it.

I'm an alcoholic...


  1. ::goosebumps::



  2. Awesome. That is how it works. Keep coming back. It gets better and better.

  3. cool - those miracles are every where if we take our bodies to the places where our higher power is, and not where the power of alcohol is...


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